'Kirnberger-Svensson' is a series of 5-limit Just Intonation keyboard designs that takes as their starting point the temperament 'Kirnberger II' by Johann Philipp Kirnberger (d. 1783). They can be read online here (my Masters thesis from the University of Hong Kong). The first performance of a piece in 'Kirnberger-Svensson' was Radii solis, et sternet (sibi aurum) quasi lutum for baroque orchestra and vocal quartet 05/21/2012 (see 'Erasure pieces' in the menu), where the harpischord was tuned to a Kirnberger-Svensson tuning. In 2013, two pieces for grand piano Är de blå löven himmel and Sommardröm used two different Kirnberger-Svensson tunings, which marked the first occasion in Sweden of tuning a grand piano to Just Intonation. In 2015, an early 19th century squarepiano was retuned for the piece Hoc mare magnum et latum manibus ibi and a chamber organ for the piece Kammarorgel. The piece Ir Himinn, Groenn for gamelan instruments and prepared grand piano (see menu on the left) makes use of a Kirnberger-Svensson tuning as well. 

Listen to an excerpt from Är de blå löven himmel here, performed by Mats Persson and Kristine Scholz: