Solo pieces


"...focus on emptiness and silence, I feel, is absolutely connected to the idea of solo music. Today I would, axiomatically, say that the content of a solo is the void." - Antoine Beuger

My compositional approach when writing solo pieces is influenced by the study of the two great East Asian solo practices, that of the kinko-ryu Honkyoku for solo shakuhachi (which I studied with Gunnar Jinmei Linder), and that of the classical repertoire for the gǔqín (with Yung Hak-Chi); these repertoires were conceived of as a means for solitary contemplation and meditation rather than for concert performances. 
In October 2017, a portrait concert of my music was given at Scandinavia House in NYC titled 'pale air (oscillating)' which in particular focused on my solo pieces. For the occassion, I wrote a brief text, which can be read here, that further outlines this approach.

Duk med broderi och bordets kant
solo violin
by Maya Bennardo 

I spirningstidens stillhet
alto flute
by Anne Dearth

Förmiddagens klara, sorgset bleka ljus stilla sväva
by Adam Holmes

I Sommarluft [Excerpt]
clavichord in K-S 
by Mats Persson

List of solo pieces

(See complete List of Works here)

Mellan hand och dimma (2016)
harp | 6’            
premiered by Ben Melsky, 13/06/2016, Lichtenbergschule, Darmstadt

Duk med broderi (2016)  
violin | 7’
premiered by Maya Bennardo, 30/06/2016, Bleak House Coffee, Toledo

Duk med broderi och bordets kant (2017)
violin | 17'
premiered by Maya Bennardo, 17/10/2016, Scandinavia House, NYC

En ek (2009)
accordion | 7’
recorded by David Wahlén, 12/2009

Förmiddagens klara, sorgset bleka ljus stilla sväva (2015)
vibraphone |  8’
premiered by Adam Holmes, 17/10/2016, Scandinavia House, NYC

Hoc mare magnum et latum manibus ibi (2015)
fortepiano or early 19th century square piano in K-S |  8’
premiered by Si Ho Elmo Wong 06/03/2015, HKU Grand Hall, Hong Kong

I Sommarluft (2019) 
clavichord in K-S |  30’
Premiered by Mats Persson 03/15/2019, Studion Tavastgatan, Stockholm

I spirningstidens stillhet (2017)
alto flute | 10'
premiered by Anne Dearth, 17/10/2016, Scandinavia House, NYC

Kammarorgel (2015) 
chamber organ in K-S |  5’
recorded by the composer 11/20015

quae fluctus inter mirabile (2015)
accordion | 7’
premiered by Tadas Motiečius, 22/08/2015, Palendrai St. Benedict’s Monastery, Palendriai