Solo pieces


"...focus on emptiness and silence, I feel, is absolutely connected to the idea of solo music. Today I would, axiomatically, say that the content of a solo is the void." - Antoine Beuger

My musical background is heavily influenced by the study of the two great East Asian solo practices, that of the kinko-ryu Honkyoku for solo shakuhachi (with Gunnar Jinmei Linder), and that of the classical repertoire for the gǔqín (with Yung Hak-Chi). These repertoires were conceived of as a means for solitary contemplation and meditation rather than for concert performances - a kind of approach that I have continued to explore in my solo pieces.

In October 2017, a portrait concert of my music was given at Scandinavia House in NYC titled 'pale air (oscillating)'. In it, four solos and one duo were played. The presence of the duo in the middle emphasized how vastly different a duo is from a solo; one is not just adding another instrument, but changing the whole premise for music on an ontological level. The program notes for 'pale air (oscillating)', where I wrote more about this topic, can be read here.

Duk med broderi och bordets kant
solo violin
by Maya Bennardo 



I spirningstidens stillhet
alto flute
by Anne Dearth


I Sommarluft [Excerpt]
clavichord in K-S 
by Mats Persson



List of solo pieces

(See complete List of Works here)

Av dagg och fattigdom (2016)
harp | 6’            
premiered by Ben Melsky, 13/06/2016, Lichtenbergschule, Darmstadt

Duk med broderi (2016)  
violin | 7’
premiered by Maya Bennardo, 30/06/2016, Bleak House Coffee, Toledo

Duk med broderi och bordets kant (2017)
violin | 17'
premiered by Maya Bennardo, 17/10/2016, Scandinavia House, NYC

En ek (2009)
accordion | 7’
recorded by David Wahlén, 12/2009

Förmiddagens klara, sorgset bleka ljus stilla sväva (2015)
vibraphone |  8’
premiered by Adam Holmes17/10/2016, Scandinavia House, NYC

Hoc mare magnum et latum manibus ibi (2015)
fortepiano or early 19th century square piano in K-S |  8’
premiered by Si Ho Elmo Wong 06/03/2015, HKU Grand Hall, Hong Kong

I Sommarluft (2017) 
clavichord in K-S |  27’
written for Mats Persson 
1st and 3rd movement premiered 26/10/2014, Gävle Slott, Gävle
6th movement premiered 15/08/2015, Kalv
(full suite not yet premiered)

I spirningstidens stillhet (2017)
alto flute | 10'
premiered by Anne Dearth17/10/2016, Scandinavia House, NYC

Kammarorgel (2015) 
chamber organ in K-S |  5’
recorded by the composer 11/20015

quae fluctus inter mirabile (2015)
accordion | 7’
premiered by Tadas Motiečius, 22/08/2015, Palendrai St. Benedict’s Monastery, Palendriai