Relational Pieces

While all my pieces intend to exist inclusively and non-imposingly in whatever environment they are played in (not creating escapist virtual worlds, but creating sounds that exist in the ordinariness of everyday life), most of my pieces are most adequately enjoyed in the quiet environment of concert spaces. The 'Relational pieces', however, are pieces that are specifically composed to work in a louder and noisier environment (be it indoors or outdoors, nature or city). 

Sommarberg, i glömska (2018)

for violin, viola and trumpet.
Premiered by the Arcus Collective in The Ravine in Prospect Park, 09/06/2018

Tre platser i Augusti

for violin, viola and flute

Premiered by Maya Bennardo, Marc Charles Montesinos and Anne Dearth

En februaridag då man bara ser på havet i horisonten, att våren verkligen är nära

for three instruments
premiered Evan Runyon, Chiara Percivati and Clara Pérez Sedano: