Relational Pieces

While all my pieces intend to exist inclusively and non-imposingly in whatever environment they are played in (not creating escapist virtual worlds, but creating sounds that exist in the ordinariness of everyday life), most of my pieces require the quiet environment of concert spaces. The 'Relational pieces', however, are pieces that are specifically composed to work in a louder and noisier environment (be it indoors or outdoors, nature or city).

Listen to an excerpt from the piece Tre platser i Augusti here, performed by Maya Bennardo, Marc Charles Montesinos and Anne Dearth:

And below is an excerpt from En februaridag då man bara ser på havet i horisonten, att våren verkligen är nära performed by Evan Runyon, Chiara Percivati and Clara Pérez Sedano:

The title to this piece translates roughly as "a day in February, where the only way to tell that Spring is truly coming, is to look at the ocean in the horizon". Material from this piece was later turned into the shorter concert piece mot våren bortom havet for string quartet (which roughly translates into "toward the Spring beyond the ocean" in keeping with the theme of the first piece).